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4D-V10 Drone Spare Motor Parts Set

4D-V10 Drone Spare Motor Parts Set

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4DRC V10 Drone official motor parts


  • 2 x motors (A), 2 x motors (B).


  • 4 large gears and 4 small gears

Replacement instructions:

  1. Motor A with black and white wires, motor B with red and blue wires. When replacing, please identify the wire colour and keep the old and new motor wires the same, otherwise it will not be able to take off.
  2. Loosen the screws of the drone housing and remove the upper housing, please remember the position of the arm wires soldered on the main board, then remove the arm that needs to be replaced.
  3. Take the removed arm housing apart and replace the motor with the same wires. Once the assembly of the arm is complete, solder the wires to the main board and put the housing back together.
  4. The large and small gears are included and some drones have been flown over a long period of time and it is possible that the gears will wear out making them un-flyable. If you are sure it is a gear problem, you can replace it yourself.
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