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4D-F4 Brushless GPS Drone with Electronically Adjustable 4K Camera Support TF memory card (recommended 32G memory)

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  • Stabilize two-axis mechanical gimbal

  • ESC camera, 4K wide-angle 120° adjustable camera.

  • The mobile phone APP interface displays GPS flight status and data, can take pictures and videos, and control

  • Aircraft retrieval function: Click the GPS signal icon 3 times to open the map interface, the map displays the last distance, latitude and longitude of the aircraft.

  • ① GPS smart follow; ② Image follow: Identify the subject and automatically follow the flight.

  • Multi-point flight route planning: the aircraft will fly autonomously according to the preset route, and the player will focus on shooting.

  • The mobile phone is flying around (the lens is always at the target), find the center of the circle, and then use the joystick to move the desired circle radius.

  • Gesture shooting recognition: within 1-3m from the aircraft, face the camera to make a photo gesture/camera gesture.

  • Picture, music and video sharing can be added: single or multiple selection to share photos, videos can only be shared individually at a time.

  • One-button takeoff on the remote control/mobile phone follow/mobile map site flight/landing/return (the lens will be aimed at the operator when returning home), which is convenient for the operator to control

  • GPS returns to the take-off point with one key, low battery and signal loss will automatically return home


    ●1x 4DF4 Drone

    ●1x Transmistter

    ●2x Drone Battery

    ●1x USB Charging Cable with Charge Hub

    ●4x Spare Propellers

    ●1x Instructions for Use

    ●1x Carrying Case

    Shipping & Returns

    ●Free Shipping

    ●30-Day Return & Refund Service


    Charge time: About 5 hours

    Flight time: 28 minutes x2

    Video Resolution: 1080P

    Weight: 17.46 OZ

    Dimensions: 13.3*9.5*2.3 IN (Unfolding)

    Take a Closer Look

    4D-F4 4K Brusless GPS Drone Equipped with Electric Image Stabilization

    • GPS Smart Return Home

      Remote control range 1968~1624 feet, Drone can always fly back to Take-off Point as per your instruction or whenever it run out of power or loses connection, even when you accidentally fly it out of range.

    • Follow Me

      The 4D-F4 follow me feature has you covered automatically no matter where you go. Just enjoy the beauty and landscapes through app.


      Control the drone and enjoy the landscapes through app. When you return home, share your creation with one click in app. 5GHz FPV transmission enables longer and smooth image transmission.

    • TAP FLY

      Submit a route you draw on app then the drone will fly along the path you set. The aircraft can shoot stable aerial shots.


      The double altitude hold technology -- optical flow and air pressure enable it hover very stably and easy to use for users.

    • Point of Interest

      Point of Interest

      Choose a point and set a desired orbit height and radius, you can get an all-round display video of your interested point, or be the center of the world.

    • Aircraft


    • Remote Controller


    • Intelligent Flight Battery


    • Spare Propellers


    • USB Charging Cable ( Remote control and Battery )


    • Screwdriver


    • Handbag