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4D-F11 GPS Drone Motor Engines

4D-F11 GPS Drone Motor Engines

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4D-F11 GPS drone accessories: Spare motor with circuit board

4DRC F11 GPS drone motor engine parts replacement, please determine the location of the arm according to the diagram and select the motor parts you need to replace to place an order.

Replacement steps:

  1. Remove the propeller of the arm that needs to be replaced, unscrew the screws of the F11 housing with a screwdriver and disassemble the housing.
  2. Unscrew the fixing screw of the motor wire of the arm that needs to be replaced and pluck it out from the main board.
  3. Then put the new motor with circuit board back at the arm in the original position and plug the socket into the main board.
  4. Put the upper and lower housings together, tighten the screws, and install the propeller to complete the replacement.

Note: If the drone can not take off due to the wrong choice, it does not belong to the quality of the goods and does not support the return.

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