Product Review | 4D-M1 unboxing video from the US.

 As our flagship product, the 4D-M1 is loved by customers all over the world, and now this drone is also available in the M1 Pro version. Based on the M1, the Pro version has improved the camera design and adopts a new two-axis gimbal anti-shake design, which provides a more stable picture when shooting at high altitudes.

This aerial photography enthusiast chose our M1 drone, let's take a look at this friend's unboxing video:

 If you are also interested in 4D-M1 or 4D-M1 Pro UAV, please click the image below to buy it↓↓↓



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Hi I have a 4DRC MARK 300 I recently burned up one of the motors. It was a error on my part but anyways I’m looking to replace all four motors with some type of aftermarket upgraded Motors I’m actually having no luck finding anything for the mark 300 or anything that will work with the mark 300 I’m somewhat new to drones I’ve always been a Nitro RC boat and on Road Car Guy if anybody has any idea where I can get a really good set of performance motors for this drone the 4D RC Mark 300 I would really appreciate any feedback thank you

Lazaro Piedra

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