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4D-V28 Drone Arm with Motor accessories

4D-V28 Drone Arm with Motor accessories

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4DRC V28 official drone accessory: Arm with motor, 4 arms available

This accessory is suitable for the V28 drone arm with motor, remove the drone arm for replacement during installation.

Please note Distinguish between the drone's motor type and arm position.

Installation steps:

  1. Unscrew the drone housing screws and remove the housing.
  2. Take the arm to be replaced, replace it with the new arm, attach the housing and screw it in place.
  3. Finally, attach the propeller to the arm motor.

Please note:

  • The drone arm and propeller need to be correctly paired and installed to take off. Please determine the arm position and wire color according to the schematic diagram.
  • The red and blue wires of motor A correspond to propeller A, as well as the white and black wires of motor B correspond to propeller B.
  • If you are not sure which arm you need, you can remove the original arm and send a photo to customer service at
  • This arm kit does not include a propeller, if you need a propeller, please purchase one.
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