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4D-M1 Professional GPS Drone with 4K Camera

4D-M1 Professional GPS Drone with 4K Camera

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4DRC M1 Mark 300 GPS Drone Brushless motor 4K HD camera professional aerial quadcopter

Basic Information:

  • Product Code: M1 / M1 Pro
  • Color: Black
  • Product size: 45x40x12cm (before folding) / 21x11x9cm (after folding)
  • Positioning system: M1 GPS /  M1 Pro GLONASS dual-mode positioning
  • Brushless motor model: 1806
  • M1 PRO : 2-axis anti-shake Gimbal

M1 drone

Flight Information:
  • Remote control distance: about 2000m
  • Remote control height: about 120m
  • Transmission distance: about 1000m
  • Gesture recognition shooting: 1-3m
  • Charging time: about 6hours
Aerial image parameters:
  • Wifi frequency: 5G
  • Transmission frame rate: 25fps
  • ESC camera angle: 120°
  • Camera resolution: 4096 * 3072P (APP) / 4096 * 3072P (TF)
  • Video resolution: 2048 * 1080P (APP) / 2048 * 1080P (TF)
  • Camera memory: up to 32G

4D-M1 Pro is a professional level drone with 4K photography level. The two-axis stabilized mechanical gimbal makes it more stable to shoot in flight, the electro-adjustable lens can achieve 120° tilt adjustment to shoot, and there is a lens at the bottom to achieve vertical shooting. (4D-M1 without two-axis stabilized mechanical gimbal)

The 4D-M1 Pro drone can be easily operated with one button to achieve takeoff, landing, and even return from a distant GPS location. It can also easily shoot video around selected objects through fixed-point surround mode.

4D-M1 Pro drone is very smart, when you stand 1~3 meters away from the drone, look at the drone camera and make a "V" gesture, it will intelligently recognize the gesture and take pictures automatically.

Unlock more features of 4D-M1 Pro drone to help you realize your dream of aerial photography, and bring this amazing device to your next adventure!


●1x M1 or M1-Pro Drone

●1x Transmistter

●2x Drone Battery

●1x USB Charging Cable

●2x Spare Propellers

●1x User Manual

●1x Storage Bag

Shipping & Returns

●Free Shipping

●30-Day Return & Refund Service


Product Code: M1 / M1 Pro

Color: Black

Product size: 45x40x12cm (before folding) / 21x11x9cm (after folding)

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4D-M1 Professional 5G WiFi GPS Drone with 4K Camera